IFAA European Championships kicks off with record numbers

New records were set in Budapest Hungary when first day of 2018 IFAA EIAC started 16-th of February.

Archers from over 500 archers from 24 countries stand on a 120m shooting line and shoot  thousand arrows on 64 buttresses in
their strive to get one of the medals.

The competition contains 2 standard rounds on 20 yards and a flint round on 6 distances from 10 feets up to 30 yards.
The location is Hungexpo the event besides archery is the yearly hunting fair with over 50 thousand visitors each year.
In addition to EIAC organizers arrange a 3D indoor competition during same tree days as the main competition with over 350 participants.
The 3D shoot is an archery show off  with 6 targets in the main hall of the hunting trade.